CloudFlare: Decreasing Page Load Times and Improving Security

Decrease Page Load Time and Improve Security with CloudFlare

If you want to accelerate the performance of your website while making sure you get top notch site security, CloudFlare may just be all you need.

For starters, Cloud Flare is a content delivery system aimed at optimizing the speed of your website and blocking malicious threats and abusive crawlers at the same time. This content delivery networkaims to maximize the resources of your site. It also hates spam.

The best part of using CloudFlare for your website is that you will be welcomed to their large and intelligent global network of users and digital experts.As this community grows, the system of CloudFlare gets smarter and faster!

Improvement in Website Performance

CloudFlare is one of the leading names when it comes to cloud technology. This is a new digital trend where services and resources are stored in online locations called “clouds.” For individual people, cloud services can be accessed via web browsers or mobile applications. For companies, it can mean virtual servers. Cloud technology can speed up any website because files can be stored virtually anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to store these files yourself.

CloudFlare specializes in optimizing your website while maintaining lower CPU usage rates. The virtual servers of CloudFlare are designed to make your web pages load as fast as they can while providing tight security for threats. It has tools as well to evaluate your site traffic statistics with insights against search engine crawlers and abusive bots.

CloudFlare also has an Offline Browsing Mode which will help site visitors access your site even if the server becomes unavailable for a moment. Whatever the circumstances, CloudFlare has cached pages which will continue the operations of your site until troubleshooting is successful.

A Premium on Speed with CloudFlare

Speed matters online. Research points to the tendency of site visitors to stay longer if web pages load quickly. CloudFlare makes this possible. With its numerous proxy servers worldwide, CloudFlare can choose a virtual cache which is closest to where the site visitor is located. This will help improve loading speed because the files are stored in a nearby virtual location.

Fast loading times are also the direct result of wisely managing your server resources and bandwidth. CloudFlare contributes to this by protecting your system and site from malicious threats.

Sterling Site Protection

With the help of data from Project Honey Pot and the continuous updates from the online community of CloudFlare, abusive digital attacks can be easily eradicated before they can even strike. The CloudFlare dashboard will instantly flash information about the stopped threats as they happen.

Spam protection is also a key priority. CloudFlare enlists the help of third party resources to reduce spam comments. Its system can also alert visitors whenever their computer system is infected with a virus or a malware. The virus definition of CloudFlare is always up to date thanks to its thorough research and the continuous updates of the CloudFlare online community.

The network of CloudFlare is a DDoS Shield. Not only can it block spammers, it can also protect your website against e-mail harvesters and even hackers. On top of that, this system is smart and learns on its own when it comes to screening spam and malicious comments.

Specifics of CloudFlare

CloudFlare became famous after it provided online security for websites of the Turkish government. It was created in 2009 by the team of Matthew Prince, Lee Holloway and Michelle Zatlyn.

It was recognized as one of the “innovative algorithms” by the World Economic Forum in its report entitled “Technology Pioneers 2012.”CloudFlare can be part of the system of any website and domain. Setup is relatively easy because it only takes less than five minutes. If you wish to add your website, you just have to tweak some settings from your DNS settings.

You don’t have to purchase any additional hardware or software in order to maintain or install CloudFlare. This is one of the wonders of cloud computing technologies. As easy as it is to install this system, you can conveniently remove or turn it off. The core services of CloudFlare are basically free. Its paid services only cover enhanced offerings such as websites which need SSL or real time reporting.

It’s always a sound option anytime you can improve the speed and security of your website while helping you avoid the burden of expensive costs. The efficient methods of CloudFlare can do this exactly for your website.

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