Top Ten Scripts for Web Hosting

In the world of web hosting and administration, scripts are collections of code, which, typically in coordination with a database and templates, add functionality to a website. Scripts can be used to create blogs, shopping carts, live chat, forums and a world of other feature rich enhancements to add to your website.

We at have compiled a list of top ten web hosting scripts that have proved popular to many coders and administrators.

1. WordPress

No webhosting top ten list for scripts should be made without including WordPress, the most popular CMS (content management system) in the market today. As of 2011, websites managed by WordPress comprise up to a whopping 22% of all websites in the Internet. WordPress has become quite popular because of its flexible template system and a plethora of applications compatible with its plug-in architecture.


2. Joomla!

Another CMS worth including in any top ten web hosting list is Joomla! (with the exclamation point). Since its conception in 2005, its content management framework (CMF) has been downloaded more than 30 million times. After WordPress, Joomla is the most-used CMS/CMF in the world. Written in PHP, Joomla is a free and open-source software that uses software design patterns and object, oriented programming (OOP).



3. Mambo

Third in our web hosting top ten list is Mambo, also named Mambo Open Source or MOS. Like Joomla, Mambo is free and open-source; in fact, Joomla! is an offshoot of Mambo back in 2005. Features of Mambo include page caching, which is used for a more efficient website performance, particularly if the site is busy. Mambo can also integrate RSS feeds and includes updated templating systems.



4. Drupal

One more chief player in our top ten webhosting compilation is Drupal, another free, open-source CMS/CMF written in PHP. This script has a decent following among web host users and web administrators: about 1.5% of all websites in the Internet are created via Drupal. These websites range from simple blogs and personal sites to highly-secure government websites and knowledge management sites.



5. TYPO3

TYPO3 is another free/open source CMS script that has steadily been gaining ground in terms of core followers and enthusiasts. It is suitable for intranets and entrepreneur sites. The essential design of TYPO3 is template-based (using the TypoScipt language), which means that the administrator of the website can create his or her own customized sites with ease and organization.



6. e107

e107 is a great tool for those who want easy, quick creation and maintenance of community and intranet websites. It is a free/open source software that creates simple yet high-performance sites with a comprehensive forums system. It also has a powerful file-based caching as well as integrated RSS feeds for easy content integration. The e107 CMS is written in both PHP and CSS.



7. SilverStripe

SilverStripe is one of the newer CMS scripts. It offers a unique web administration system by providing a panel that lets users modify parts of the website directly, using a simple WYSIWYG editor. SilverStripe is based on the Sapphire application framework and written PHP. Some of its features include drag-and-drop navigation, tree-based website routing, asset management and image resizing, RSS feeds, and full text search. It is also the first open-source online application to receive a “Certified for Windows” recognition.



8. PHP-Nuke

PHP_Nuke is a CMS that lets web administrators create community websites and forums. Here, users and editors can post or forward news items and other articles (whether user-generated or user-submitted). These articles can then be commented by other users or editors. Additional applications, or modules, can be added by the web administrator.



9. MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a popular web-based script software developed and distributed free of charge by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is the primary script used in Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wiktionary and other projects of the said foundation.



10. Apache Friends XAMPP

This basic, easy-to-install script is an Apache Distribution that is compatible for Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Linux. The script package incorporates PHP, MySQL, SQLite, FTP-Server, Perl, as well as the new Apache web server. The latest version of Apache Friends XAMPP also includes the latest PHP versions (5.0 x and 4.3 x). While encoding the package installs PHP 5 by default, you can switch back to the older version when you encounter problems.

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