Website Conversion: 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Sales

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Sales

Driving traffic to your website to attract more visitors is good. But if your website is an online business, customer conversion is better! This is a measurement of site visitors which have been convinced to become customers. It measures how many online users go on to make a purchase.

For your online business to be more successful, you should take a pro-active approach to gain more “converts” from your site visitors. There are techniques for conversion rate optimization to help you convince more people to patronize your products or services. Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Clear Calls to Action

Website users only have so much time when they browse the Internet. If your website can’t catch their attention with your message or purpose upon first encounter, you may have no chance to do so again.

In order for these visitors to become customers, think of their website visit as a conversion funnel. Use the AIDA technique which stands for (attention, interest, desire and action). The action part is when these visitors purchase from you. So it is your responsibility to keep them interested and to show them the benefits of your proposition.

The best approach is to be direct to the point. Your website copy should be compelling and yet concise at the same time. Don’t waste the time of your visitors.

2. Improve Your Website Navigation and Design

First impressions last. This cliché has always been true for business. Websites engaging in business should always take to heart the importance of website design and ease of navigation.

You should carefully study every step your site visitors take when they visit your site. Are there unnecessary steps which users don’t really need? Gauge the process from beginning to end which turns users from visitors to customers. This starts from the loading time of your page and ends with online forms for purchasing.

If your website is confusing or difficult to use, it can discourage site visitors. Make your website intuitive and user-friendly.

3. Focus on Transparency and Credibility

An online business is not without risks. There have been instances in the past of online fraud and this has made site visitors wary of online transactions. It is your responsibility to gain the trust of your site visitors before they become converted customers. Transparency and credibility are key factors here for your purpose.

Your website should be as transparent with all processes involving purchase. Inform them of service fees and surcharges if any. Coordinate with third party trust companies to heighten the level of credibility of your website. Remember, they will not risk their money on an unsafe website.

4. Maximize Social Media and Word of Mouth

Website conversion optimization is hard to trace. You wouldn’t know if your customers heard about your business because of your online efforts or if they just got it from the old-fashioned directory. You can use online surveys to help you analyze where your demographic should be targeted.

If your target market is clear to you, then you can craft specific messages for them. You can use social media to help spread the word about your business. This is beneficial for your company because you don’t need to shell out money for advertising.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the leading websites in social media and you can use these sites as platforms to attract site visitors. A strong campaign to drive traffic to your website is necessary so that you can convert many site visitors into customers.

5. Content Should Be Top Priority

The success of your website when it comes to customer conversion rate is highly dependent on your content. The quality of your products and services is the Unique Selling Point of your company. When you are certain of the identity of your company, you can set out to create a brand. When your brand has received respect, your website will receive many recommendations and referrals.

Success is measured in various ways depending on the nature of the business. Online retailers will judge a customer conversion with a successful sale initiated by a website post or banner advertisement. Content creators judge a conversion by a successful registration, subscription, download or any supportive activity.

Customer Conversion: Strategies for Online Financial Success

When websites for online businesses can convert site visitors into customers, this will drastically change the landscape of advertising in the future. The prospects of website conversion will give control to actual advertisers to attract customers online. Now they can gain financial success through their own optimized efforts.

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