Facebook Poke, Snapchat, Snapping Turtles & Brett Favre

Do you have any good ideas? Well, sir – or lady if you like (and/or are) – Facebook wants them. For free. As you may have heard, Facebook recently reinvented its Poke concept to integrate what another company had come up with that increased the value of social media immediacy, making it more complex and engaging: Snapchat. (Snapchat, as we all know, is also the inter-species language used by snapping turtle whisperers.)

Self-Destructive Tendencies

Both Facebook Poke and Snapchat give you the ability to send a message containing image or video content that is on a timer to destroy itself. It also gives you the ability to caption the content and to be messaged yourself if someone grabs the media with a screenshot prior to its automatic deletion. (Sample message: “The CIA just took a digital picture of your insidious, socially destructive propaganda.”)

Individuals vs. Businesses

The basic idea behind both of these applications for individuals is that you can send something ridiculous out and not get hammered by your friends later. The basic idea for businesses has yet to be determined. Certainly creative marketers will come up with clever ways to utilize the “now you see it, now you don’t” aspect of these apps. (Did someone just say, “Impulse Buy”? Oh, maybe that was me, with my marketing thinking cap on – blue and yellow with spangles and a propeller on top.)

Snapchat Benefit: The Real Deal

Snapchat is the only of the two applications that keeps it real. Anything that goes through their system will be completely removed just moments after the timeframe you assign. Facebook, on the other hand, files everything for 48 hours – and up to three months if anyone tags it as abuse. To be fair, the social media giant’s process could be due to liability; still, it does not agree with the same purist approach of the original app. (What’s a purist? Look around your residence and check if you have any real plants or just fake ones… Nothing real? Congratulations: you are a fake plant purist.)

Facebook Benefit: Freedom to Sext versus Ability to Harass

Brett Favre will love this time-sensitive functionality. Though the people behind Snapchat say heck no, this isn’t a vehicle designed for exchanging pictures of junk, well… It certainly will be popular for that purpose. Put a one-second timer on that sucker… Now you see my junk, now you don’t: a flash of brilliance. There are also potential dangers regarding harassment and stalking. The paper trail disappears. In this sense, Facebook has created a preferable application.


If you want to test out these applications, check out Poke here and Snapchat here. If you have any thoughts on these apps, or if you are a snapping turtle whisperer looking for some independent contractor work in the state of Florida, please place a comment below.


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