Web Hosting Stories You May Have Missed: Mar 4, 2013

This weekend witnessed a barrage of problems for cloud-based service providers. From Evernote’s breach to CloudFlare’s outtage, cloud service users got a call from the real world, reminding them that cloud-based technology has still some chinks in its armor.

WordPress Essentials by Industry
InMotion Hosting

I love WordPress. The community and sheer expand-ability of the platform give it the flexibility needed to fit a very wide range of purposes. InMotion Hosting has put together a very useful table of plugins by industry. Whether you’re new to the platform, interested in upgrading your current WordPress setup or rebuilding your website, you’ll find some useful add-ons in this list. See the full list.



CloudFlare Goes Down… along with its 785,000 customer Websites


SaaS based Security and CDN service provider, CloudFlare, went offline over the weekend for about an hour. To use CloudFlare’s service, you need to run your DNS through their DNS servers. Given that fact, Sunday’s outage resulted in downtime for nearly 800,000 websites. Checkout the full post.



50 Million Hit in Breach of Evernote

The Hosting News

Continuing this weekend’s trend in tech foulups, cloud-based service provider EverNote was breached. The breach compromised the email addresses and login credentials for 50,000,000 users worldwide. It appears that no user content or payment information was compromised during the breach. Read the announcement.



HTML5 Exploit Could Fill Your Hard Drive

Tom’s Hardware

22 year old Stanford developer, Feross Aboukhadijeh, discovered an exploit in HTML5, which could fill your hard drive in minutes. The exploit allows for the HTML5 standard “localStorage” to store larger cookies – up to 10MB in size. In his testing, Aboukhadijeh was able to fill local storage space at a rate of 1GB every 16 seconds. Read the article.



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