Web Hosting Mashup: The Industry Responds to NSA Snooping

This week, we hear industry reactions to one of the biggest stories of the year – the NSA Snooping / Edward Snowden scandal. We take civil liberties and national security very seriously and feel that an open debate about this topic is critical, both to our safety and our privacy. How do you feel about the NSA’s data collection practices? Share your thoughts in the comments below or comment on our G+ page.


Edward Snowden

I2 Coalition Issues Statement on NSA Information Gathering


In the wake of the Edward Snowden-NSA scandal, which has provoked outrage among civil libertarians, the i2Coalition issued a statement supporting the declassification of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s order related to the program and we think their thoughts are in-line with many in the web hosting industry. Read the Statement.

Softlayer Acquired by IBM
Reactions to the IBM Acquisition of Softlayer

Small Business Trends

Shawn Hessinger, a journalist for Small Business Trends, offers his take on last week’s announcement of IBM’s acquisition of web host Softlayer. Given the Softlayer / The Planet legacy of serving SMB customers and IBM’s focus on serving the Fortune 500, Shawn makes a good point – what will happen to Softlayer’s small business customers in the coming months. Will there be an SMB exodus from the mega host? Only time will tell. Read Shawn’s Article.


KISSMetrics' Guide to Customer Acquisition
The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition


We love pretty much anything produced by Neil Patel and his team produce and Renée Warren‘s detailed guide to customer acquisition is no exception. Whether you’re looking for more trial signups for your SaaS service or just trying to get a few more web design client’s in the door, you’ll learn something here. Get the guide here.



How to Diagnose a Web Traffic Drop
How to Diagnose Sudden Drops in Website Traffic


Taylor Hawes recently wrote a short primer on diagnosing search engine related drops in traffic on your website. While its not in-depth, it is extremely relevant, considering the number of websites that have been impacted by Google’s algorithm changes over the past 18 months. Read Taylor’s recommendations here.



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