Web Hosting Mashup Special: The Demise of Google Reader

Google Reader Being Retired

Google Blog

Last Wednesday, Google announced that it would be retiring its popular reader, effective July 1. Given the strong reaction to the announcement by many devoted followers, I wanted to dig a little deeper to see how pulling Google Reader off the web will impact online businesses. So this week, we’re highlighting the most enlightening discussions about Google Reader to help get a full view of the announcement. Read Google’s spring cleaning post.



Digg Announces That They’re Building a Successor to Google Reader


Days after Google’s announcement, Digg announced that it would be releasing a successor to Google Reader. This bold move could pay big dividends for the recently acquired Digg. Given Digg’s mission of delivering the very best of the Internet right now, an RSS reader would fall in nicely with that concept. The question is, will they be able to do it in time?  Read the Digg Announcement.




How Google crushed and abandoned the RSS industry


Ed Bott, blogger for ZDNet posted a historic (and scathing) view of Google’s Godzilla-like destruction of the RSS niche. Quite an eye-opener for Google fanatics and opponents alike. Google’s continual stream of free products has no doubt helped the Internet to grow, but has it helped innovation? Ed doesn’t seem to think so. Read Ed’s Article on ZDNet.





What The Industry Thinks About Google Reader’s Demise


In the week or so since Google’s spring cleaning announcement, there has been an uproar about the company’s decision to retire Google Reader. WebProNews blogger, Chris Crum, interviewed industry analysts (primarily in social media, tech and marketing verticals) to glean some insight into the impact that closing Google Reader will have. The verdict on this one is still out and will be for 6 months, but the overall sentiment is that while RSS won’t die, we’ll continue to see a shift towards social media for content distribution. Read the full post.



Why You Should Embrace Google Plus

The Web Host Industry Review

Google is a big (and very well organized) company. The demise of Google Reader will undoubtedly mean a shift of at least a portion of that audience over to Google’s social media platform, Google Plus. I’m working on a series of articles about the why’s and how’s of getting your company engaged on Google+ over at thewhir.com. If your company isn’t involved in the Google Plus community yet (even if it is), this series will be a good primer on how to take advantage of that platform. Read part 1 of the series here.



Google has ended other products in the past, like Google Wave, Google Notebook (I was sorry to see this one go) and Google Desktop. Progress is defined by change and sometimes that means throwing out the old to make the new. How do you feel about Google’s decision to pull Google Reader from the web? Share your thoughts by leaving a Reply below.

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