Web Hosting Mashup: Rackspace Android App & Godaddy’s Plan

This week, Rackspace releases an update for their Android App, GoDaddy’s Blake Irving shares his plan for the company, Cloudflare kicks ass (it does) and we learn why Millenial’s have the attention span of a ritalin-fed chearleader.


Rackspace's Cloud Hosting Android App
Rackspace Gives Their Android App a Facelift

Rackspace Blog

Rackspace is back in the news again this week with the latest version of their Rackspace Cloud Android App. And the new version isn’t just a bug fix (although Rackspace says they’ve improved the app’s performance). The updated application now supports OpenStack servers, the ability to manage multiple accounts and carry out functions like reboot, change root password and call Rackspace support from within the app.
See the Full Android App Update.



Who is the Internet Generation - Host Gator Blog
Generation Smackdown – Kids of the Past vs. Kids of the Internet Generation

HostGator Blog

As a Gen X-er and technophile, one of my pet peeves has become teaching my parents how to use every day technology. So I can only imagine the perspective that Gen-Y (i.e. people in their twenties) and Gen-Z (teens) have, because the web and mobile technology has been around for the bulk of their existence. Hostgator’s comparison of daily habits amongst different generations offers an entertaining view of our differences.
See the Infographic.


GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving
GoDaddy CEO Reveals 3 Year Strategy


GoDaddy’s new CEO, Blake Irving, revealed the highlights of his new 300-page 3-year plan to help the domain giant capitalize on new markets. Hiring is at the top of his agenda. Irving plans to hire another 1,400 employees by 2016. GoDaddy’s strategy puts an emphasis on building tools for business owners and improving customer care, an aspect that has eluded the Company in the past.
See the interview.



What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare Blog

We don’t usually do promo announcements on this blog. In fact, we never do. However, I’ve used CloudFlare for a couple years and have to say that its about the coolest thing since sliced bread. Basically, Cloudflare is a combination between a CDN and a firewall. That means, it speeds up your website and protects it from malicious visitors.
See the Video.





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