The Week in Review, Web Hosting Stories: Mar 1, 2013

This week, we have a look back at the growth of the public cloud computing niche with Gartner and ask the question, is cloud computing more reliable? To feed your entrepreneur’s soul, we’ve got some great advice on developing a USP from Nick Nelson. To top it all off, we’ve got the latest HTML5 tutorial series announcement from the HTML5 Doc. Happy Friday!

Gartner: Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market To Reach $131B


Although studies show that most people still think that Cloud Computing is adversely affected by bad weather (that’s not schtick, its true), public cloud computing services continue to grow at breakneck speed. Which is no surprise, given the popularity of cloud-based applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, Spotify and so on.  Read the full article.



Average Public Cloud Outage Downtime Nears 8 Hours
the WHIR

Is cloud hosting more reliable? Although “cloud hosting” can be made redundant (just as dedicated and VPS hosting can be), according to cloud management provider, RightScale, the average annual downtime for public cloud is actually marginally higher than downtime experienced by traditional web hosts. Are you hosting your site in the cloud? Share your experience by leaving a comment below and visiting us on Google+See the article and infographic.


A Hosting Company’s Purple Goldfish

Nick Nelson

As a business owner, how much time have you put into your unique selling proposition? For most first time business owners, having a strong USP just isn’t a focus. Nick shares his thoughts here on going above and beyond your USP by surprising and delighting your customers with something extra. When was the last time you fed your purple goldfish?  Read the article.



HTML5 forms input types

HTML5 Doctor

The Doctor is in. HTML5 Doctor is rolling out a new series of HTML5 tutorials. The first in this series looks at the newest form input types in HTML5. When you’re done there, why not checkout our newly revised HTML5 validation tutorialSee the tutorial.





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