Web Hosting Mashup: Kim Dotcom Responds to Leaseweb’s Deletion of Megaupload Data

This week, MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom responds to Leaseweb’s deletion of millions of his business and personal files from MegaUpload’s dedicated servers, threats to Internet freedom are discussed at HostingCon, Google speaks about its relationship with government agencies and we learn a nice tactic for improving your website’s conversion rate.


Kim DotCom Responds to Leasweb
LeaseWeb Responds to Claims It Erased MegaUpload Servers Without Warning


Web hosting provider Leaseweb responded on Wednesday to MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom’s claims that they erased millions of MegaUpload’s files. The provider claims that the 630 servers, which had their files deleted and were re-purposed, sat dormant for a year and that attempts were made to contact Kim DotCom to retrieve the information from the servers. The announcement has been heavily followed this week on twitter. Follow the Conversation.

HostingCon 2013 - Austin, TX
HostingCon 2013 – A Focus on Freedom


Christian Dawson, co-founder of the i2Coalition, moderated a panel at HostingCon about recent and current threats to the Internet, including SOPA, PIPA and most recently, PRISM. We’ve featured the i2Coalition in a number of our mashups over the past year because we believe they represent strong and relevant values for the hosting industry and are committed to an educated legal system, supporting the Internet. Read the Panel Recap.


David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer, Google
Google ‘not in cahoots with NSA’


The same news agency that shared Edward Snowden’s revelation about the NSA’s Prism program, The Guardian, is now a soapbox for Google, who is looking to distance themselves from the scandal. On Wednesday, David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer at Google, held a live web chat session, answering questions about his employer’s release of customer data to government agencies. Read the Full Web Chat.



Remove Distractions to Improve Conversion Rates
How Removing Distractions Increased Conversions by 201%

Visual Website Optimizer

Your e-commerce conversion rate is a vital KPI to improve if you want to grow your business (I’m guessing you probably do). There are some tried and true tactics for doing this – one of which is unnecessary page elements and any on page content that competes with your call to action (aka your “buy now” button). Visual Website Optimizer put together a nice case study on how one wine seller improved conversion rates by more than 200% simply by eliminating distractions. Checkout the Case Study.



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