Publishing Your Own Website in a Day

Publishing Your Own Website in a Day

The Internet is an exciting platform for your business to get the exposure it needs. With millions of people online, all you need is a website to communicate your brand and reach your target market. Nowadays it is not difficult to find a web hosting plan to accommodate your online presence.

You can publish your own website in a day because you have many options for asite builder software. A web hosting service will enable you to showcase your content for the whole world to see. This is where you will house all your HTML files and graphics to convey your brand.

Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the leading choices when it comes to instant website publishing. Google is a reputable and stable company so you need not worry about any unnecessary downtime for your website.

If you wish to communicate your brand message effectively and quickly, Google Sites will give you all the tools to help create your website. For more dynamic content, you can use GoogleSites applications such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, Picasa and YouTube.

With Google Sites you can create a web page with the click of a button and it does not require you to study HTML. You can start with templates and you can upload files up to 100 MB in size for a total of at least 10 GB storage space.

Yahoo! SiteBuilder

Yahoo! SiteBuilder helps you build a professional web site or an online store even with user-friendly tools. It has over 380 templates for business and hobby use alike. Website administration is easy with the help of drag and drop tools and other site appearance controls.

For online businesses, Yahoo! SiteBuilder integrates PayPal buttons to help your prospective customers transact business with utmost confidence.

Yahoo! SiteBuilder has years of experience in helping Internet users generate their own space online. Starting with the now defunct Yahoo! Geocities, Yahoo! knowshow to provide users with all the tools they need to build a website as efficiently as possible.


JustHost is another highly recommended option for web hosting. For only $3.75 a month, its features for website creation is loaded. Its hosting service is secure, fast and has unlimited bandwidth, domain hosting, e-mail accounts and data space. It even has provisions for spam protection.

You can customize the error message pages so that it does not show the 404 page. It also has a free instant site builder and design templates to help you choose a design that fits you.

For website administration, JustHost provides analytic tools to help you track down the progress of your website. It also has unlimited space for data transfers and experiences no downtime at all.

Identifying Your Purpose for Web Hosting

Before you choose a website hosting plan, you have to clearly identify the aim of your online presence. Is it just a platform for your works, thoughts and content? Then you only need a simple space with unlimited data transfer and storage space so you can market your own skills or your small production group.

If you will be running a small online business, you have to make sure your website is ready for e-commerce. PayPal buttons should be available as this is one of the most trustworthy channels for purchases and payments.

On the other hand, if you will be hosting a website for a large and complex company, you need to have the full array of website administration tools at your disposal. You need to have a reliable uptime monitoring service which will inform you immediately if your site is experiencing downtime. You should also have advanced tracking tools so you can monitor the demographic of people visiting your website. This is where you can determine if you are actually reaching your target market or if you are appealing to a different kind of demographic altogether.

Quick and Efficient Web Hosting

If you appreciate the potential of the Internet to help your brand, you can set up your own website as quickly as possible with the help of a website builder. With numerous high quality choices for web hosting, you should be able to establish your online presence without any difficulty.

Your website will be the first impression online visitors will have about your brand. It should communicate your products or services as concisely and clearly as possible. You should always be on the lookout for downtime so that site visitors can access your content 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

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