3 WordPress Plugins That’ll Boost Your Website’s Performance

3 WordPress Plugins That’ll Boost Your Website’s PerformanceThese days, it’s becoming more and more imperative that websites perform quickly and efficiently due to the norm in decreased page load times. Gone are the days when it was somewhat acceptable for a website to load slowly because of slower internet connections and less powerful computers/devices. However, users these days are very likely to leave your website if it doesn’t perform quickly or efficiently. These WordPress template plugins are perfect for optimizing your website in several areas, and they’re the perfect solution to help prevent overloading on a shared server web hosting plan.

W3 Total Cache

This tool is fantastic for cutting down on bandwidth usage and load times by making use of a method called “caching.” Essentially, instead of never-changing elements re-loading every time your website loads for a user (which can span over several seconds), your users will download the elements of your website that never change. For example, your logo shouldn’t be re-downloaded by users’ browsers every time they visit the website. Instead, the logo file will be stored in your user’s cache in his/her browser so it can be pulled locally instead of over the internet, saving the user time. This plugin also makes use of tools such as Minify, which we’ll discuss later.

WP Smush.it

Smush.it is a useful WordPress plugin for those who’d like to get more out of their website optimization. You can import photos into its intuitive API so that you can make lossless changes to your photographs for smaller file sizes. For example, Smush.it will optimize JPEG compression, convert file formats in certain situations, etc. What’s even better is that images you add to your website are automatically optimized. Therefore, you don’t have to manually edit each one, it’s done for you.

WP Minify

Lastly, this incredibly useful plugin “mines” your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files so that it can organize and optimize them. Instead of your browser having to download several different files of scripts, Minify will consolidate these files into one easy package so that your browser only has to make one transfer. This plugin, in combination with the others listed, can help make a big difference in your page load times and bandwidth problems, especially if you’re on a shared server.


Brad Markle is the manager of InMotion Hosting’s Community Support Center, which provides an abundance of web hosting support.

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