Web Hosting Stories You May Have Missed: February 4, 2013

This week, we get some expert advice from SEOMoz and InMotion Hosting and learn about improving your user experience with KISSMetrics and Website Magazine.

How Much to Spend Online Marketing
How Much to Spend Online Marketing

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting surveyed their client base about their marketing spends and found some interesting insight on the state of online marketing in small business today. More than half of the advertising budgets of the survey respondents is going to pay-per-click advertising with, you guessed it, Google Adwords. What is most surprising here is the small budgets websites have when it comes to marketing – a paltry $202 per month on average. Repeat after me – it takes money (and a plan) to make money. read the full article.


Speed up page load time with CloudFlare
Cache Anything and Speed Up Load Times

Website Magazine

I’ve been a big fan of CloudFlare for a while now and I’m glad to see the editors over at Website Magazine singing their praises. CloudFlare is a CDN (content delivery network) and WAF (web application firewall) rolled into an easy-to-use SaaS tool. Essentially, it stores your website files and different locations across the globe. By routing your DNS through their servers, the app will automatically deliver your website’s content to the user’s browser from their nearest datacenter. As if that wasn’t good enough, CloudFlare stores and shares a database of potentially harmful (i.e. hacking, spamming, flu-infested) IP addresses and blocks them from visiting your website. The best part is, its easy enough for novice webmasters to use, but robust enough to satisfy experienced admins. read the full article.


How to win at Content Marketing
How to Win a Content Arms Race – Whiteboard Friday

With the rise of content marketing over the past two years and additional post-Panda pressure to get relevant off-site citations in order to grow search traffic, the competition for content marketing is heating up. As always, Rand Fishkin brings great advice here on how to bump up your efforts with better strategy and more resources, so you can out-publish your content marketing competition. watch the video.



Improve usability with better site navigation
Are You Making These Common Website Navigation Mistakes?

Some great tips here from the pros at KISSmetrics on improving your website’s usability (and rankability) by simplifying and specifying your website’s navigation. If you haven’t checked your navigation in the past 12 months, this article might give you some good direction on how to improve time on site, conversions and SERP rankings. They’ve also provided some great examples of websites that are doing navigation right. read the full article.



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