Hurricane Nemo: Five Companies Saved by Web Hosting

Hurricane Nemo

Extreme weather calls into question the ability of complex organizations to maintain their computer system’s infrastructure. Physical damage from hurricanes, for example, manifests in a variety of forms. Cables can be ripped out of their housing, which may interrupt service and cause an information blackout for an indeterminate amount of time. Hurricane Nemo tested the ability of many businesses, nonprofit organizations and other companies to maintain their online presence in spite of the challenges presented by the storm.

Overview of Hurricane Nemo

Nemo was not expected to cause as much devastation as Hurricane Sandy. However, hurricane Nemo did cause massive flooding and power failure to many residents and businesses of New York. Flooding in particular presented a serious dilemma for many residents and businesses in all of the affected communities.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting services can be basic or extremely complex. Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting are the most common types. The main goal of the best web hosting services is to maintain service and achieve a reputation for reliability. Naturally, most customers prefer this reputation to be warranted. Each of the five companies listed below had already started using some form of web hosting service long before Nemo struck. Each host was judged based on its ability to continue providing uninterrupted service. WebHostingBuzz, HostGator, InMotion and HostV were among the highest ranking providers of web hosting service during the storm.

Five Companies Saved by Web Hosting During Hurricane Nemo

The following five companies all relied on computer-based information systems. Website information played a central role in quickly providing updated information to their customers. They were able to continue to operate under the difficult conditions imposed by the hurricane, and the web hosting service played a critical role in minimizing downtime. Their ability to weather Hurricane Nemo is a testament to the effectiveness of web hosting as a solution even under the most adverse conditions.

1. Diamond Data International, Inc.

Diamond Data International operates from the Lantham location within New York. This company uses web hosting to facilitate sales and distribution of their product offerings, including desktop calculators, electronic calculators and calorie calculators. The need for communication within all areas of the organization is a top concern within the culture of Diamond Data International.

Hurricane Nemo challenged the organization’s emergency plans on many levels, and the ability to access the company website during the storm was an indication of success. The decision to use a decentralized web hosting system played a role in their ability to maintain the connection to the server during the hurricane. This particular method was partially successful because the size of the organization allowed them access to options that are not always readily available to small, local companies.

2. New York Technology Company

The New York Technology Company serves a variety of clients in New York, and they also offer services to clients throughout the continental United States. They provide information and technological support to various government entities as well as other businesses. The company’s philosophy embraces a model of responsive listening, which is perceived as a competitive advantage in the technology market. This company is also deeply invested in using the best hosting service because they are responsible for maintaining lines of communication regardless of external events.

These technical support and consulting services are critical to many of their clients, so maintaining the computerized infrastructure was of paramount importance as Hurricane Nemo approached. It caused serious flooding in many of the business districts served by this company. In order to maintain service across the network, a variety of emergency measures were enacted. Web hosting played a vital role in the coordination of many of these efforts. Fortunately, not all of them were needed.

Without exceptional web hosting during Hurricane Nemo, the company would have been unable to fulfill their mission because essential lines of communication to the customer base may have become compromised. The New York branch was successfully able to communicate and coordinate a relevant response during the storm thanks to continued access to their host server.

3. Central New York Oil and Gas Company, LLC

Central New York Oil and Gas Company provides large amounts of resources to the oil and gas industries. Since this organization undergoes routine testing procedures, it is critical for their computer systems to remain relevant at all times. However, it is even more important during extreme weather events. Their use of database infrastructure and the offshore environment requires integration of multiple systems and rapid implementation of emergency policies. Web hosting played a critical role during the hurricane because it was an integrated part of a comprehensive safety program already established by the company. Lunarpages, a top web hosting service, is proud to solicit their patronage.

Many high-investment industry specialists believe that the best web hosting solution is the co-location method. This arrangement was used by this organization, and it was critical during this particular storm. The web host company was responsible for maintaining the physical space housing the server. The ownership of the server remained with the client company, so this relationship provided the flexibility necessary to ensure uninterrupted access during Hurricane Nemo.

4. Technology Services Corporation

Technology Services Corporation offers consultations and computerized infrastructure support to a diverse clientele. This support involves a wide range of activities, including sensor equipment, microwave technology, operational support, enterprise architecture backup solutions and much more. This company has accreditation, and they are heavily invested in maintaining their reputation for reliability. Nothing can test this reputation like a massive hurricane with a penchant for flooding office buildings and residential dwellings alike.

5. Cam Fuel Inc.

Cam Fuel uses several methods to ensure accurate communications with their customers. This company serves various energy industries, and the level of demand for services was not reduced by the hurricane. Web hosting services normally function in the background most of the time for a company like Cam Fuel. Prior to the storm, this company decided to use a combination of hosting solutions in order to minimize the overall risk of a server failure for any reason. The affiliation with Solar VPS and VPS Colo was of particular importance for Cam Fuel. Avoiding overly centralized solutions also created a desirable combination of flexibility and reliability.

During Hurricane Nemo, this company had multiple operations already underway. The New York facility was already servicing their customers and coordinating these efforts through the best hosting system available. Regional damages were successfully mitigated by the investments in the hosting service. As a result of their hosting service provider, performance and access were maintained across the network.

In New York, there were a variety of preparations made for Hurricane Nemo that were simply not in place during Sandy. For example, as Nemo approached the coast, supercomputers monitored the path of the hurricane and predicted many of the areas that were later flooded. The information assisted local response agencies, but it also provided an important insight to leaders within various computer-based industries: Web hosting solutions can either save or obstruct daily operations during a serious storm. By contracting with the leading hosting providers, these five companies in particular were able to weather the storm.




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