How to Make “Killer” (though Non-Lethal) Business Cards

English: A plain business card mini-CD.

English: A plain business card mini-CD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently made business cards, and I thought, “Hm … what am I doing?” Business cards are such a great time to grab people’s attention, and often we squander that opportunity to one degree or another by handing them a card that looks like, well, just what they’re expecting – a piece of cardboard with some info on it.

So I thought I’d look into the creation of effective business cards with this piece. I researched articles by Kim T. Gordon and Ivan Misner – a compilation piece – on Entrepreneur and by Brian Morris on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

Seven ideas from the two articles are below:

1.    Fact-Check

You may want to just go with a bare-bones approach. If you’re short on time or want to present a serious, all-business attitude, this lack of flashy design can be effective. Try black ink on a white or cream card.

2.    Face Me

Try putting your photo on the card. I actually do this myself, for exactly the reasons described by Kim and Ivan: so that people can remember me a week or month after we meet. Consider including a photo of yourself in action, rather than just smiling at the camera. You can also put a product on the card instead.

3.    Feel Me

Some cards are all about the sensation. No one said you have to make your business card out of paper. You can make it out of wood or metal, for instance. You can also emboss it, or use a distinctive shape such as a square or circle.

4.    Not Just a Card

What about having the card back serve a function? The Kim and Ivan piece suggests that a hotel could have a street map. You could have innumerable things on the back. If it serves a function, people are more likely to keep it.

5.    Expand Yourself

You don’t want your company to be more prominent than your name is on the card. People connect with you when they meet you, and people like people.

6.    Taglines as Hooks

Be sure to include a tagline. These are great for providing initial branding and creating a meme about you for those who see it to file away.

7.    Call to Action

Be sure to give a special deal on the card. Why not? That will take anyone who receives it one step closer to doing business with you.

Summary & Conclusion

There are various ways to make your business card stand out. Hopefully some of the above ideas work for you. Above all, recognize it as a valuable marketing opportunity to brand yourself and make yourself look unique in comparison to your competition.

by Kent Roberts

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