How to Install WordPress Templates

How to Install a WordPress Template

What makes WordPress one of the most attractive content management systems online is it allows full customization. Not only can you tweak its settings to improve its performance, you can also control the design of your website. WordPress Themes will help you with this purpose.

A WordPress theme is called the “skin” of your website. It is a group of files which produce a graphical interface with a common design theme. These files are called template files and they help change the display aspect of your website. You can do this without even modifying the underlying software behind WordPress.

When you upload a WordPress theme, this will normally include customized template files, image files (.jpg, .png, .gif), style sheets (.css) and code files (.php). You can customize the look of your web pages according to their content.

Step by Step Guide for Installing WordPress Themes

  • Locate first your preferred WordPress theme and download it online. You can search Google for the best free 2012 and 2011 WordPress Themes. Preview it first and imagine how it will look like in your website. Your downloaded file is normally a .zip file.
  • Extract the .zip file and study the ReadMe document for reference. Details about your license can be read here as well.
  • Upload the contents of the WordPress file into the direction of this folder: For a faster management of files, you should install your WordPress theme via FTP or File Transfer Protocol.
  • Use an FTP client because file managers often take too long. Hopefully, your web hosting provider uses FTP.
  • Activate the template once it is uploaded. Login to the WordPress installation on and head to the Appearance section >Themes and select your newly uploaded theme. Click the “Activate” button. Your new theme will load when you refresh the page.

Where to Get WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes have an official website called the WordPress Theme Directory which features free downloadable Themes. You can search according to keywords and categories and more importantly, you can preview the look of each theme.

The default WordPress theme is called the WordPress 2011 theme and you can switch between your preferred Themes in the administrator panel. If you add more Themes they will appear in the Administration Panel > Design >Themes.

If you can’t preview your Theme, do not activate itimmediately and try to investigate. Your site may not display properly otherwise.

How to Add New Themeswith the Administration Panel

The Appearance sub menu will enable you to download WordPress Themes directly to the directory of you blog with the Add New Themes option:

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel and select Themes. From here there is a button for you to Install Themes. There is also a sub menu or Search options for you to find themes which will appeal to your taste.
  • Click the Preview button to check the quality of the Theme. If you are satisfied already, you can immediately install it in your blog. There is an Upload Link to help you place the zipped copy of the Theme.

New WordPress Themes for cPanel

As mentioned earlier, using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to upload a WordPress theme is easier than a simple file manager. One of the best FTP clients in the digital industry is cPanel.

You are fortunate if your website host enables you to use the cPanel control panel to handle the addition of new Themes. The files of the Theme are typically compressed in a .zip or .gz format. Download these files to your computer.

In the cPanel controls, navigate to the Themes folder and install it in the “public_html/wordpress/wp-content/Themes.” This should be location if your WordPress is installed in a folder called wordpress. On the other hand, if WordPress is installed in your web-root folder, you should go to “public_html/wp-content/Themes.”

When you are in the Themes folder while in cPanel, click the Upload File option. After it is uploaded, click on the file name in cPanel and choose “Extract File Contents.” Your file will then be uncompressed.

Manual FTP Addition of New Themes

If you want to add Themes manually using your FTP client, you should preserve the directory structure of the downloaded .zip file when you extract it.

Create a directory in the wp-content/Themes directory. Upload the Theme files with directories intact in the new directory located in your host server. You will then see the new Theme uploaded when you refresh the site.

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